Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up using the registration form. Make sure you pay. About 2 weeks before the start of the symposium you will receive an email from the platform with a personal code. With this code you can login to the NetworkApp. On the platform NetworkApp everything is broadcasted live from April 12 – 16. You can also watch all presentations back there.

Discount codes have been distributed to sister organizations of IALA and sponsors. If you do not have a discount code, you do not need to enter anything in the personal code box in the registration form.

The payment amount for participating is €595,- excl VAT. Your registration will give you access to the online platform where you can interact with participants, speakers and sponsors before, during and after the Symposium. During the Symposium the full program will be broadcast live here. And afterwards all presentations will be put up on the platform.

The ticket is personal and cannot be shared. So it is not possible to share 1 ticket and thus participate in different sessions.

Yes, the presentations and videos will all be made available on the platform after the event (note: not on the website). So these can only be viewed by participants, via their personal ticket.

The programme spans 5 days and each day there will be several sessions with components. We invite you to attend all sessions, but of course this is not mandatory. You can join and leave whenever you want.

Yes, the Networkapp platform is accessible 24/7. We also like to encourage that. The Networkapp is set up in such a way that you can also make optimal use of the platform outside of broadcast times. By making appointments with other participants, holding video calls or facilitating matchmaking using keywords (tags) or by placing calls (I am looking for or I am offering).

For €595 (excl. VAT) you get personal access to the platform. The platform will be available from approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the symposium. The NetworkApp is accessible 24/7 and is set up in such a way that you can also make optimal use of the platform outside of broadcast times. You can make appointments with other participants, hold video calls and participate in matchmaking using keywords. You can also place calls there (by indicating what you are looking for or what you have to offer). You also get on-demand post-conference access to all presentations and videos.