Tuesday – 13 April

11:00-14:20 UTC | 12:00-15:20 CET
Live broadcast

Analyses of AIS data for real time risk detection in maritime traffic

by Takehiro KATO | Japan Coast Guard

15 minutes Managing risk

Artificial intelligence to predict long term collision risk

by Jordi DANIËLS | SAAB Technologies, Sweden

15 minutes Managing risk

Risk management in XiaZhiMen channel

by Ranxuan KE | Navigation Institute of Jimei University, PR of China

15 minutes Managing risk

VTS intelligent technology

by Lina LI | School of Navigation, Jimei University, PR of China

15 minutes Managing risk

Development and trials of the concept of new generation decision support system in VTS

by Dmitry ROSTOPSHIN | Wärtsilä Digital Technologies, Russia

15 minutes Anomaly detection and decision support

Analysis paralysis: breaking free from traditional decision making in the VTS environment

by Ernest BATTY | IMIS Global Limited, United Kingdom

15 minutes Embracing ENAV

A lay-person’s description of e-Navigation

by Axel HAHN | OFFIS e.V., Germany

15 minutes Embracing ENAV

The shift from Product to Services

by Mathieu AILLERIE | Airbus Defence and Space SAS, France

15 minutes Embracing ENAV

Canada’s eNavigation architecture and the place for VTS

by Jean-François COUTU | Canadian Coast Guard

15 minutes Embracing ENAV